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Coworking in Vancouver Washington

We are a coworking community

CoLab Coworking is a shared office for anyone looking to join a community of people who love to work. We have a number of membership options including private offices for a whole team, glass pods for a hybrid office experience, dedicated desks for members looking for a cost-effective daily office solution, and open desks for those who need a more flexible membership. We are located in Vancouver, Washington. Right across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

CoLab's foundation is built on the value and importance of business networking and community. This means that our focus is on creating and sustaining a community of professional teams and individuals working and growing their businesses in tandem. Yes, we offer fast internet and free locally sourced coffee, but those are merely byproducts of the community being formed, and people enjoying their work.


What is Coworking?

Coworking is meant to bring both the local and nonnative business communities together. It's a new opportunity for the solopreneurs, freelancers, startups, and micro-enterprise businesses to be tied into something greater than their own vein.

Because of the diverse industries involved in coworking spaces, there are new business ideas, strategies, and opportunities that form out of this organic incubator environment. This not only helps spark new business opportunities, but also helps facilitate innovation and rejuvenation within an established organization.

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