Let's Talk About
Meeting Rooms


Changes Coming Soon

We have over 120 members as a part of CoLab. We are all sharing 7 meeting rooms. Although we plan to build a few more in the Basement of our new location, we are at a point where we need to protect the meeting room resources. To ensure meeting rooms are available for all members use, we will begin using a credit system to manage member booking. This is a way for us to obtain better booking control and ensure all members have adequate access to our meeting spaces.

For the whole month of May, we will be testing out this credit system for bookings to determine the best method to facilitate healthy meeting room use.

A few notes about this policy:

  • Each level of membership will be allotted a set amount of monthly credits (see below) to use when booking meeting spaces through Office R&D (colab.officernd.com/). One credit = one hour of meeting space. After a member exhausts their meeting room credits for that month, they will have the option to add additional credits for a highly discounted hourly rate (tbd).
  • Our goal is to limit use when a reserved space isn’t necessary, to allow others access.
  • Our two phone rooms will remain un-reservable. This means first come first serve. Please refrain from abusing these spaces. These are meant for last minute needs for private conversations / meetings, and we want these options to remain available for those times.

We are not attempting to turn this into an up-sell opportunity. This is an effort to appropriately share a collaborative resource, which is why it is helpful to have your feedback. We want to hear your feedback on how this new credit system is working for you (too many, not enough?). If you need to book a meeting room over your available credits during these next few months, contact our community manager to book it free of charge.

Open Desk - 5 Credits
Dedicated Desk - 7 Credits
Glass Pod - 9 Credits
Private Office - 11 Credits