CoLab Acquires Columbia Collective Office Space, Donates Space to Boomerang Non-Profit Coffee Shop

“Expansion to second location accommodates growing demand for flexible, community-focused work spaces.”
— Kylan Johnson / Co-founder

Vancouver, Washington. January 10, 2018 - CoLab today announced it has acquired Columbia Collective - located on the second floor of the old J.C. Penney building at 808 and 810 Main Street in Vancouver - and will rebrand the competing coworking space into its second downtown location while also revamping the Boomerang non-profit coffee shop on the ground floor. The deal was finalized on January 1st after several weeks of negotiation. All current Columbia Collective members will be welcomed into the larger CoLab community and CoLab owners and managers will be taking over operation of the acquired space.  

Demand Drives Expansion

The move comes just six months after CoLab launched its first coworking site in July 2017 on the first floor of the Pacific Tower building at 915 Broadway Street. During that time, CoLab has experienced overwhelming growth and needed additional square footage to meet demand for flexible office space within the Vancouver business community.

Meeting rooms in the two locations will be available for rent to non-members at affordable, community friendly prices.

A Revamped Donated Space for Boomerang Coffee Shop

In addition to acquiring Columbia Collective, CoLab also announced it will take over the lease for Boomerang, the non-profit coffee shop located at 808 Main Street beneath the Columbia Collective space. After closing for renovation, Boomerang plans to reopen on March 7th with a new coffee program alongside a reimagined give-back mission. As part of its work to support Vancouver business development and to give back to the larger downtown community, CoLab will be donating the prime retail space to Boomerang management. The remainder of the ground floor will be renovated to accommodate larger events and meetings.

Redeveloped Space Will Support Needs of Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs

According to Kylan Johnson, one of CoLab’s co-founders and current General Manager, the move comes as a natural outgrowth of CoLab’s larger mission. “We are seeing a growing need for non-profits to have access to the types of professionals, resources, work spaces, and assets that CoLab provides that creating space for nonprofits and local entrepreneurs to share just made sense.”

To accomplish this, Johnson plans to repurpose much of the ground floor and basement space for community use and hopes it will spur greater cooperation between local businesses and nonprofits. “By providing shared workspaces for entrepreneurs and the larger business community,” Johnson said, “CoLab’s mission has always been about creating community where none previously existed. That’s our goal behind this move and we’re excited to see what develops.”

About CoLab

CoLab coworking is a shared office built on the value and importance of business networking and community. We offer flexible shared office space and business amenities focused on creating and sustaining a community of professional teams and individuals working and growing their businesses in tandem. Contact CoLab if you’re interested in taking a tour or hosting an event.