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This form is completely anonymous and is not being tracked to a user in any way. This form is setup to give members a voice in the direction of CoLab. We want to know what is working, and what's not. Please take some time to let us know how your experience as a member is going, and what we should focus on.

If you have an urgent issue, or frustration beyond what this form can address, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to the community manager for resolution.

Please let us know what you are happy about. This doesn't have to be a novel, but if there is something you are pleasantly surprised about, we would love to know!
Please be honest and granular here. I (Kylan) am a perfectionist, and want to make sure everything is firing on all cylinders. If there has been something that feels off or a little weird, please let us know.
Optional Member Survey
Optional Member Survey
Please rate your experience as a member at CoLab.
I am satisfied with my overall experience as a member at CoLab.
I feel comfortable working in the various CoLab work spaces.
I completely understand and know how to utilize all of the benefits and resources included with my membership.
My work flow has benefited from being a member at CoLab.
I have made business-changing relationships as a result of my membership at CoLab.
I have made valuable friendships as a result of my membership at CoLab.
I feel happy about the communication from CoLab staff to members.
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