Pongtober Tech Tourney 2018



The "Pongtober Tech Tourney" is an annual ping-pong tournament designed to bring the tech community closer together while also melting faces with ninja-like backhand slams and spinny serves. Wow. Much Tech. Very Pong.

How does it work?

  • 8 tech companies from Vancouver will participate.

  • CoLab will be holding qualifying games to place the top 6 players

  • There will be four "in-house" games before the final event at Tandem Hall on 10/25/2018 at 5:30pm.

  • In-house games will be scheduled independently of the final event, company and venue assignments TBD.

  • The top player of the winning team and the top player of the losing team will move on as a "tribute" (hunger games style) to represent their company at the final event.

  • We'll respect house rules during the in-house games, though it is recommended that "by the book" rules are used during these games as we will be taking things a little more seriously during the final event.

  • Winner takes home a super-duper trophy and bragging rights until the next tourney.

If you haven’t already filled out the registration for the Competitive Nature Club, be sure to do so before 9/28 to be included in this upcoming tournament.

Next Steps:

  • Once all 8 companies are registered, an organizer will reach out to your team's "coach" with details on scheduling your "in-house" game.

  • After your in-house game is completed, coaches will forward along results to an organizer.

  • Prior to the final event, you will receive an email with the bracket details, rules, etc.

  • JUST-SO-YA-KNOW... we plan on having an "open play" table at the final event as well so everyone can have some fun (: