Growing up.

We are very excited to message you today with a few major announcements about CoLab and our plans for growth in the next coming months. The opportunity has recently come available for us to occupy space on the second and third floors at the Pac Tower building. As many of you know, this has been a major goal of ours since opening Pac Tower (our original location) two years ago and this expansion will play a major part to the continued growth of the CoLab community.

In January 2018, we acquired our predecessor, Columbia Collective, and in turn, inherited their office space, which is now The Collective location. One of our biggest challenges with this move, and as a growing coworking community in general, has been supplying adequate attention and care to all of our members and the various needs that come with such diversity of business. This is obviously a critical component of our business model and is what contributes to the value given to you as members of this community.

Starting next week, we will begin transitioning members out of The Collective location and into our recently remodeled offices and workspaces at Pac Tower. Over the next 15 days, we are aiming to have members transitioned and all set up with workspaces comparable to current workspace memberships. This means that if you are in a 3-person office at The Collective, we will be coordinating with you to identify a 3-person office on one of our three floors at Pac Tower.

As much as we appreciate the unique aesthetic design of the space and the ability to offer the variance to our members, having two small locations in close proximity presents many challenges when looking at our operations. With this move, we are hoping to address a number of these challenges and continue the growth of our mission, to build community. Bringing all of our members back under one roof will allow us to cover all of our members and spaces with adequate staffing, AND consolidate operating expenses to free up our budget for space upgrades, new equipment, and more special events.