The Downtown Vancouver Ping Pong League


2018 Winter League

  • BYOP (bring your own paddle)
  • Singles
  • The Rules
  • The League Breakdown will be determined by the number of sign-ups
  • Games will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • You are responsible to show up for your games. A no show is a forfiet
  • Official Bracket will be updated weekly here on the CNC Page
  • League will run from January 10th through February 8th.
  • The first round of the Championship Tournament will take place on February 15th and the Championship Round and season party will be on February 22 at CoLab Coworking

Court Hosts:

  • Columbia Collective
  • Gravitate Garage (First Floor)
  • CoLab Coworking (Basement)
  • Boomerang 1
  • Boomerang 2
  • Discover.Org